Colby is a knitter!

I taught my nephew Colby who is 8 how to knit this past week.  It was a little challenge for me because he is a lefty...I had to work to reverse everything and practice knitting left handed before teaching him.  He is doing so awesome and I have dubbed him a true knitter for some key reasons.

1- He now likes takes his knitting project with him wherever he goes...he asked to take it to school but his mom and I thought knitting needles at school might not be the best thing.
2- He will sit in bed at night knitting until he is told it is time for lights out.
3- When he gets some TV time he will pull out his knitting to work while he his watching.
4- (and my favorite)  When asked to put down his knitting to do something else you know hear him say.."let me get to the end of this row"

It makes me smile.  Annie has also started the knitting process...she really seemed to like the casting on better than the actual knitting but hopefully she will be grooving along like her brother.  Kimbie is also going to be picking up the needles soon so I have created my own little knitting club.

I must say I also have a new appreciation for my mom and all the times she helped me retrieve dropped stitches and correcting rows when I was first starting out.  But this is one proud auntie as I can now curl up with Colby and we can knit away together.

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