Latest Mural

momma robin and her nest
There were a lot of wall things to work around but I am very
pleased with how it turned out.

This past weekend I headed up to Henderson,NC (the route I took to get there is a whole story of its own.  I pulled a Katie but I got there eventually) to paint a mural for Infinite Possibilities.  The room where the mural is will soon house a place where teen parents can come to redeem products to help raise their children.  My friend Suzie has been working with this program for some time and asked if I could paint a mural to help brighten up the space and make it more inviting.  So with her help we created a fun garden mural that I hope all the little babies will really enjoy.

I even put in a squirrel
Suzie commented that my Blue Jay was so friendly looking
for being a meanie bird  :)

Thanks Suzie (or Suzanne as your work folks call you)
for all your help.  I must say that is one fine looking tree especially!

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