Russian Spiral Necklace

Every year I donate a piece of jewelery to the Kabaret for Kids event to raise money for Waterford Country School.  This is a place close to my heart for a multitude of reasons.  My dad was the Executive Director for 31 years (he just retired a month ago) so I grew up with the school.  Later in life I actually worked for the safe homes and group homes and my love for what the school does grew.  The Kabaret is a combination of silent and live auctions and is a huge fundraiser every year.  It seems like such a small thing but I am glad to be able to help raise funds that go to helping so many kids.

I am so on top of the ball this year and already have my piece finished for the auction on October 27th.  I am really excited about how it came out!  This year I made a necklace in a Russian spiral stitch pattern with size 11,8 and drop seeds.  The colors flow from dark green to lights green to light blue to a teal and back to green.  It was fun playing with when to switch out the beads to make the colors gradually change. Playing with color is always a good time.  I for sure will be making more pieces with the color flow.  The necklace was finished off with sterling end caps, beads and large toggle.  It is so nice and light but at the same time is a nice full necklace for people who like to wear bold statement pieces.  Over all I am super pleased with how it came out.  I can't wait to hear how the auction goes and see who ends up with this years creation.

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