Happy October!

In my family Halloween is the big holiday. Picking your costume (or costumes), getting the pumpkins, decorating with all our goodies,watching scary movies, going to haunted houses and hay rides...that is what I remember so fondly.  October 1 is a very exciting day when we kick off our month of festivities.  I dragged out my boxes on Sunday and happily made my house seasonal.  

This year I made matching jack-o-lantern skirts for our holiday enjoyment.  I love love love this super easy skirt pattern.  It takes about an hour to make and it has great movement.  I also love that it is really easy to add pockets...because a skirt or dress with pockets just makes my whole day.  

This is the link to the basic patterns I used:

I wanted a fuller skirt so it would have good movement so I used the kids pattern to give me ideas of getting that. The first tutorial helped me figure out how to get the pockets the way I wanted.  I did decided to add a lining (Partly because I felt the fabric was a little see through and partly because it made it seem more finished having a layer between the body and the pockets). I also decided to zig zag the edges for this skirt.  When I make this skirt again I will probably hem it up but this skirt.  But for a skirt that only comes out for one month a year I thought a zig zag was perfect.  

Now on to my next Halloween project!!!

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