Dragon Puppet

Two weeks to show time and all the pieces are starting to fall in to place.  Due to a last minute drop out I am also now dancing in the show.  Yay!  I am excited to be out on stage but it also means I need to learn a trick filled dance in a short time.  "There's no business like show business!"

Quick project showcase.  I made a dragon puppet for act 1 that mimics the dragon mask in Chinese Tea.  Godmother Drosselmeyer gives out gift to all of Clara and her friends.  I tried to mirror some of the dances from act two in these presents.  A dragon puppet (Chinese), a fan(Spanish), a jack-in-the-box (Pollies) Hula Hoop (Russian Candy Canes).  And of course everything is shiny and wonderful with a full coat of glitter.  So here is my mini dragon :)

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