Nut practice...the final count down

We are in to the final count down to the show!! Masks are all made, props are all together and set pieces are all in the final stages of being finished.  I couldn't have done it all with out the help of some pretty awesome people including Nathan my master go to make it man, and Brett who keeps me calm and helps with whatever project I have to tackle and Britt who sewed the Christmas tree for me (I don't know how I was planning on doing that by myself), and my sister who helped with projects and babysat my pups for the weekend so I could craft like a crazy person.  This show is going to be amazing!

Christine Prisk (a parent at the studio and a very talents photographer)  came to rehearsal this weekend and took some fabulous shots from our run through.  We are so lucky to have her talent to capture the magic of putting on a show.  Check out her work sometime!

Here are some pictures from this week.  It is so fun for me to see all my work in action.

Battle scene with the tapping soldiers, and mice and LOTS of masks
Candy Cane Hula Hoops

Getting Mother Ginger all geared up
Baby Mouse gets a scolding (check out the Giant Gingerbread house)

Brett helping me with the huge present pile

Some of my wonder work crew!!

And just for leaping in to the butterfly dance! ;)

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