First quilt finished!!

With my Mommy :)
I did it!! And in under a year ( thank you very much!)!  I finished my first quilt!  Late last night I finished the last whip stitch to secure the binding.  I love love love this quilt and am all excited for my next project.  I have picked out a new pattern that should be pretty fun for my first solo quilt.

So this is my overall break down of my quilting experience:

* Cutting gives me the most anxiety.  I need to get more confident in using the rotary cutter and work on making uniform lines for easy quilting.
* Piece work is fun when I look at it like a puzzle.  However that idea of being uniform is still a struggle for me.  Most of my sewing up to now has been pattern free and kind of go with the flow.  So I am having to slow myself down and really focus on making everything match up.
* Hand quilting!  I like this part because I have been hand sewing for so long that I am more confident in making clean even stitches.  BUT after a while I was very ready to have everything finished.  It takes forever but it is so worth it.  I would sing little songs to keep myself motivated.  And the fact that it HAD to be done by the time I saw my mom really is what drove me to get it done.
* Putting on and folding the binding was probably the least stressful of all.  It could have been the excitement of being almost finished but this part seemed to really fly.  Attaching the binding was a piece of cake and I really enjoyed the whipping of it on.  The folding of the corners came pretty easy to me so that wasn't a problem...which some people find tricky so yay for that!

So now I am ready for the warmer weather so I can pull off the winter blanket and use my new quilt on my bed :)



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