Hand Quilting

This week in my crafting life....Hand Quilting!  Over the summer I pieced together a quilt with my mom over various trips when we were together.  First with her visiting me in North Carolina we made the top. Then making the backing with I went to visit her in Connecticut.  She sent me home with instructions on hand quilting so I could do the next step.  Well then Nutcracker took over my life and my quilt sat in the bag waiting to be worked on. Every once and awhile I would find time to pull it out and add some stitching, but it has not progressed much in the last few months.

But then it was decided that we would have a big party to celebrate my mom and brothers exciting birthdays this year.  Which means I am going home for a visit!  I must finish quilting if we are to put the binding on the quilt and have my first ever quilt completed during this trip.  A much easier task said than actually none.  I have watched my mom hand quilt for as long as I can remember but this is the first major quilting project I have ever taken on. In true Katie fashion I went big...a full size quilt for my bed.  But with my mom looking over my shoulder through the process it wasn't so bad.  She inspected each seam I sewed to make sure it matched her standards...some times I got an approving nod and other times I was handed the seam rippers.  But as the process went on I grew more and more confident.

On to my current phase of the project,  HAND QUILTING!!!  My quilt is like a giant sunshine with rays of various yellows.  So I am working my way down the sides of all the rays.  Once that is done I need to add extra lines in the bigger rays so the quilting is close enough to make it sturdy.  If I can get all this done in the next week before going home I could have a finished project soon.  It is a light weight quilt so it will be finished with plenty of time for when I am ready to pull my heavy blankets off.

I am already planning what quilt pattern I want to do next!!!

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