Refreshing old crayon

A little late on posting this...but better late than never.

This year for my little Valentines I made some heart shaped crayons.  I have a huge amount of worn down crayons that have been collecting over time.  As a kid happiness was a new box of fresh pointy crayons.  I would sit for hours in my room coloring and drawing until they all wore down.  Even with a crayon sharpener nothing compared to a fresh box.  So old crayons got put aside and collected over time.  So every once and awhile I like to melt down the crayons to make new ones.
For valentines day I found an inexpensive heart shaped silicone tray to use as a form.  I broke the crayons in to smaller pieces and pile them in to the hearts.  You can do all the same color, mix shades of  a color or mix in match all the colors of the rainbow.  For this I started with making hearts in shades of red and purple and then made a batch of rainbow ones.

Once your crayons are broken up and in your form (in this case I use the hearts but often times I just use cupcake liners) you place it in the oven on a very low setting(100Degrees).  I like to use my toaster oven so I don't have to heat up my full oven for such a small project.

Leave the tray in the oven until you can no longer see any large chunks of crayons any more.  It takes about 10mins but sometimes longer.  Simply remove the tray from the oven and let it cool until they are completely hard.  Then pop from the tray and Ta Da new fun crayons.  

You can have fun and play with different shapes but it is kind of hard to get the wax totally cleaned out so keep that in mind when making things.

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