MIA Blogger returns

Sorry for dropping away for a bit there, but I have been keeping busy these last few weeks.  Here are some things I did while I was away from the blog.

  I turned 30!  My sister put together a squirrel themed surprise party...because I have a thing about squirrels and my sister has turned that into a huge collection of everything you could image with squirrels.  To be clear my thing with squirrels is I find them annoying because they always get in to the bird feeders...but darn it if I don't see squirrely things now and say "Oh look at that squirrel".  My sisters evil plan has worked.

On my birthday I took off of work so I could go jump on the trampolines at DefyGravity with my friends and family.  We followed up jumping with going to the Bavarian Brat house for German food and good beer.  It was so much fun and a great way to ring in the big birthday.

After my birthday it was spring break!!! I was so
glad to get a little vacation from work before things get really really crazy.  Brett and I went exploring and I got to see a new part of the country.  We went to Charleston, SC first and enjoyed getting out and seeing the beautiful city
We found a great hostel called the NotSo Hostel were we stayed for the night. It was really cute and easy to get to everything from.  I really enjoyed the free trolley system that made getting around really easy, not to mention it is just fun to ride a trolley.  We even managed to make friends on our rides. I over heard a couple saying they were from CT and found out they are from the town I grew up in and have a son that graduated a few years after me in school. Small world!
Brett and I decided to try out the carriage ride that her mom had suggested, and it was a great way to see all the unique architecture of the area. I fell in love with all the iron work that they use to decorate the windows and balconies and such in the houses.  Many a picture was taken of the swirly designs and I even got a new charm for my travel charm bracelet to mark the trip.

While in Charleston I also got my first stamp in the Southern section of my National Park book!! (Liberty Square and Fort Sumter) Hard to believe I have not managed to get to a southern National Park yet in the 2 1/2 years since moving to NC.  Especially since there is one only 45 mins away from my house.  (I will be fixing that very soon)

For the next phase of our trip we drove down to Hilton Head,SC for a little beach time.  Unfortunately the weather did not want to agree with us and it was a bit rainy, but that didn't ruin our time.  A little rain didn't stop us from going down to the the beach and playing the in waves and splashing around.  It was nice to have a couple or friends join us for the second half of our trip.  My favorite moment of Hilton head was seeing a dolphin :)  We were all standing on a pier checking out some pelicans that were flying around when we noticed the little fin arching out the water.  It swam around and around giving us plenty of time to admire and try and take pictures.

For the last stop on our trip we went down to Savannah,GA.  I have been wanting to travel there so such a long time...i will admit because of reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It wasn't really was I had expected, but still really cool.  Our hostel was not as nice as our Charleston one but it
got the job done.  Using hostels to travel really made it possible to be able to take this trip on our budget.  You don't always know what you are going to get but if you are up for an adventure and able to go with the flow it is perfect for keeping cost down so you can do cool things instead.
Out first stop in Savannah was the river walk area  with its cobble streets and little shops.  There was a little art festival going on that we stroller through.  I always  enjoy checking out local artist in an area.  My one issue with the city is the weird, and sometimes seemingly lack of, traffic patterns.  Both with the people walking around and driving I felt like we were always going against the normal flow of traffic.

While in Savannah we took the short drive out the Tybee Island for a little beach time in the sun.
On the way to Tybee we stopped off at Fort Pulaski to get another stamp in our NP passport books (Brett has one now too) We got totally faked out by a group doing a cannon demonstration.  They were getting it all set up and we thought we were going to see it go off...but they were only practicing..fail!  But it was still a really cool fort and so beautiful right on the water.

After I got nice and pink sitting out on the beach we headed back in to town to check out the Bonaventure Cemetery where the famous statue of the little girl use to be.  Warning! the statue is not there any more because they have put it in a museum downtown.  I still don't understand why they didn't put a replica up in the place for all the tourist that come to check it out.  There was a woman there that was quite perturbed that the girl was not there after driving for hours to come see her.  To be fair the website does tell you she isn't there anymore but with all the replicas around town you would think they would give people what they are looking for.
Our last stop on our Savannah adventure was to The Lady and Sons, Paula Deen's restaurant.  Yum!  They had a buffet of every delicious southern food you could imagine and my meal was started off with my first ever Ho cake.    

After a week of fun and adventures we had to head home to go back to real life.  But right on our way home was this fantastic gem of tacky goodness!  South of the Boarder.  It was a wacky mini Vegas right on the highway.  I love it!  It was dark but I managed to get a picture riding the Jackalope and next to the dinosaur wearing a sombrero...because a dino is a sombrero is just funny. This place as so many parts to it but it was late when we got there and the mini golf and reptile house other things were closed...and really we just needed to get back home to prepare for the work week.  So after a look around one of the giant stores filled with more junk that you could possibly imagine we hopped back in the car to head back.

It was such an awesome trip and I am really looking forward to going back and exploring these place some more.  I am glad to have had a taste of each city, but really I could have spent a week at each place.  The whole time we were exploring we were making a list of "for next time"

But now I am back home and working on a ton of things.  I will have several blogs coming soon on some of the many projects I have been working on during my hiatus from blogging.  As well as I am sure more to come now that I am starting work on Wizard of Oz.  More to come soon :)

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