Cactus pin cushin

Oh my it has been a busy year! I have been costuming and dancing and doing set design and teaching and somewhere in all that trying to also do my crafting. There has been a lot of project starting but the finishing hasn't been all that great. I am making a goal to 1-finish the many project I have started and 2- try and starting posing them again.

I am in a new house now with a lot more room for all my art supplies which is so exiting! Now all my projects are more organized and ready to be completed. This week I finally marked something off my list that has been so close to being finished for MONTHS!

Cactus pin cushion:

I got the idea for this when I was given a bunch if little plastic gardening pots. I could not imagine anything actually growing in these tiny things so I put them in my craft supplies...and there they sat for a while until I came up with a project for them. I also have been looking for ways to use up scrape amounts of wool yarn to help down size my yarn stash. When I happened to have a bit of green yarn left over the idea came to me to knit up a cactus shape with the wool and then felt it.
So I did the knitting and I felted it up and then it got put in a bag somewhere as life got crazy with shows. I went from show to show to show to show and my poor little cactus just sat and waited. Then it got packed and moved to a new house where I rediscovered my knitted plant and finally put it all together. A little batting and some hot glue action and the ridiculously small pot finally had a purpose as my cactus pin cushion.

Put some pins in it and you have your cactus spikes for the finishing touch.  It makes me super happy as both a functional tool when sewing, and as another touch of whimsy in my art space.

How to (sort of):

To make the cactus I used double pointed needles to create the tube. When I wanted to make a arm I put a few stitches off on a stitch holder to come back to. At the top of the cactus I reduced stitched just like you would on a hat or mitten. Making the arms of the cactus is the same as making a thumb on a pair of mittens. Honestly I I just made it up as I went along and knitted it until I liked the way it looked. You can make it as big or small and with as many or few arms as you like. Just have fun with it.

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