Multi cabochon pendent necklace

This is a project from a few months ago (well really almost a year ago…yikes!).  I had started this post right before I started work on Beauty and the Beast for Raleigh Charter High School and then never got around to actually putting it up.

Last year I posted about the Russian Spiral necklace that I made for the annual Kabaret for Kids for Waterford Country school, and once again I created something to support this cause that is close to my heart.

It took me a while to find the inspiration for the 2013 auction item for the Kabaret.  I started a few different projects but wasn't really feeling inspired by them until I decided to take a color cue from the fall foliage.  This was a small venture out of my typical ascetic with going with an all natural color pallet. I am known for my bright and bold color choices so to go all natural was a fun change of pace.

The structure of the pendant was created with a seed bead stitch (similar to the Russian spiral).  The pendant is made of three large Jasper and Agate beads with a beaded cabochon case circling them. After creating the cabochon for each bead I stitched them together to make a more dramatic center pendant.  For the most part I tend to be drawn toward asymmetrical designs so this little trio really pleased me.  The pendent was then strung up with a series of small and medium size natural beads of jasper, agate, and tigers eye.

I was really pleased with the final product and enjoyed meshing my asymmetric design ascetic with a natural color pallet and primarily natural materials.  Hard to believe that it has taken me so long to post this and now it is just about time to start planning for this years auction.

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