Beaded Breast Cancer Support Braclet

Last month I participated in an auction to raise money for the Fill Your Bucket List Foundation to help give people with cancer  fulfilling wishes on their "bucket list".  It is a great organization that is local to where I live so I set out to create a piece that would be meaningful and special to people likely to attending the event. They were looking for items for a silent auction and I was more than happy to pitch in.
A few years ago I created a upscale cancer support bracelet for a rather "fabulous and fancy" friend that had a mother sick with breast cancer.  This friend is not the kind of person that would wear one of those rubber bracelets you so often spot around so I created something stylish to allow her to  show her support without breaking her style.  
Using a peyote stitch I made a flat band for my bracelet in a hot pink color.  Then using the lighter color I created the ribbon.  On the original design I made the loop of the ribbon  right off the end of the bracelet using a peyote stitch again.  However I found it a little tricky to put the bracelet on and off without assistant so for the new bracelet I changed it up a little.  This time I use the same peyote stitch to create the ribbon with the light beads as a separate piece and then stitched it to the base in the ribbon shape.  I found this to lay more flat and was much easier to get on and off.  
Last to finish the bracelet I created a beaded bead in the darker pink that would come through the loop to secure the finish.  This bracelet is very light weight and easy to wear.  I am so pleased with the final product and find it to be very classy. 

 I find that using the right beads is really important when doing stitch projects.  For all my stitch work I prefer using Miyuki seed beads because they are very uniform and make it much easier to get a finished product that is neat and straight.  For the bracelet base I like to use delicia beads because they are more of a barrel shape and it helps make the bracelet not wave or buckle.  If you do not have delicas available then I suggest using a size 11 seed bead.  I still think that the Miyuki would be your best choice.  You can use bigger beads with this stitch but I think the smaller ones create a tighter and more appealing finished piece.  But really it is all up to personal taste.
To make the beaded bead you can either cover any mid size bead you have or my first choice would be to use a Size E seed bead. The most important part to make sure that the size of your final bead fits well with the loop of the bracelet.  It needs to fit snugly so the bracelet doesn't fall off when you are wearing it.  However, it also can't be to big because then it will be impossible to get on.  It is worth it to take the time to get this part right so you can fully enjoy what you have created.  

Stitch work can be very time consuming but it is also a great way to make a fancy looking bracelet that is easy to wear.  When you see these items for sale they are sometime pricey not because of the material cost but because of the later needed to complete them.  Stitch work is not everyone cup of teach but I love it and find the repetitive pattern relaxing.  Feel free to ask any questions if you want further advice on how to create a piece like this.  Happy beading!

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