2015 Kabaret for Kids

Usually I am posting about the Kabaret for Kids during the Fall but this year Waterford Country School switched it up and moved the event to the March.  It made it a little tricky to get my piece in to them during the height of show season but I managed to get together a piece and not miss out on another year of helping to raise money for the school my Dad rain for most of my life.

This year I stitched a pendent and adorned it with gem stone beads.  The colors in pendent were brought up along the neck in a spiral rope chain.  Every part of this necklace was hand stitched.  Why I like to make such complicated items when I know I am pressed for time I don't know.  But sometimes I just get inspired by colors or a particular bead and then I have to see it through.  It was a nice change to put aside my sewing machine for a bit and do something different.

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