Musical Mania!

Well it is spring and I have survived another show season filled with Spring semester musicals.  This years I managed to squeeze four musicals from December to March  That might not seem like a big deal to anyone that isn't part of the theatre world but that is a lot of hours with each school and even more at home preparing.
   The season starting in December when I choreographed Culbreth Middle Schools production of Xanadu Jr.  It is a very silly story line (really not that much to be honest) but the music is a lot of fun and I had a great time getting to work with this age group.
Right as that show was wrapping up I started work on Raleigh Charter High Schools production of Guys and Dolls.  I did both choreography and helped with some costumes on this show.  In fact some of the costumes used in this production were the same ones I used when I did Guys and Dolls back in 2000, and that my mother used when she did the show in 1983.  It was a lot of fun to see them out and being used again and the stir up some great memories.

North Caroline had a couple crazy weeks of snow (or to be more accurate a lot of threat of snow) that closed down life and put a kink in rehearsals and productions.  Right before the crazy weather hit I was able to sneak in another production of Beauty and Beast for St. David's School in Raleigh. I came in last minute but it was fun to meet another group of talented young actors and be able to help them get ready for their big show.  The day after their production closed NC got some snow and then we entered in to two weeks of no school craziness!
Everyone over at RHCS was battling school closures and lost rehearsals and even missed performances because of the weather.
   In the midst of all the snow storms I managed to box up all my Beauty and the Beast costumes and ship them off to Connecticut for my first ever out of state rental.  A friend of my parents works at a middle school up there and when visiting we got to talking about how she was getting ready to do the show.  It worked out perfect with my other rental that I could also get them to her.  It is very exciting that having put so much time in to all those costumes they are really getting used and enjoyed.
    At this time I also joined up with my Carrboro High crew to get working on costuming their production of Grease.  So for two weeks when school was closed for "snow" I did my best to prep and create costumes I needed so when I finally was able to get in to the school we could get everyone ready as fast a possible.  As always things have a way of working out in the end.  Grease was a huge hit!  We sold out two out of the three nights and the kids had a really awesome run.   Never a dull moment! :)

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