Granny hexagon update

I am still working away on my granny hexagon blanket, but here is the long anticipated update.  It has been brought to my attention that I am total crap at keeping up to date and people are waiting to see what is going on with the here it is.

After months of crocheting my basket of hexagons grew higher and higher until finally I thought I had enough to make my full blanket.  But first...ugh to sew in all the threads.  We all have those moments when we realize that we should have just listen to our mother when they make suggestions...well after days of being stuck sewing in ends and the tedious nature of doing it over and over I was finally ready to lay out the hexagons.  ( I must also admit before moving forward to far that while visiting my mom took pity on me and jump started the process by sewing 40+ hexagons out of the kindness of her heart.  I am so lucky.)
Just getting started

The next step was to lay out a sheet as a size guide and start laying out the blanket hexagon by hexagon.  Each row has been carefully planned so that no colors are repeated in the flowers.  I laid out piles of each color around the perimeter of the blanket and one by one added them to the mix unit I got to the last row and found myself with not enough hexagon.  Ugh round two!

I am sure I could have mathed things out so much better than I did and saved myself some frustration but in the end I am actually kind of glad it happened in the order it did.  When I had the blanket all laid out and could step back and look at it I was able to visually see that I wanted to add another light color into the mix to keep the overall color scheme from being to dark.  So it was back to the big bag of yarn to create another set of hexagons this time with a lilac yarn.  (I was quite happy to find this yarn in my stash so not only did I find a color that balances out the blanket I am working on my goal to use up some of the yarn I have overflowing my bins.)

Getting a little bigger...
Another week later I finally had all the lilac hexagons made and all the threads sewn in and I was ready to incorporate it into the layout.  It took a few hours, lots of moving things around, checking and rechecking that I hadn't doubled any colors in a row, and chasing the dogs away before they messed it all up! Every single hexagon needed to be pinned down because with two dogs that randomly get surges of energy I am so stressed that they are going to knock the rows out of order before I can attach them all.  I don't even know how many hours the layout process took but it will be so worth it when it is all finished.
Crap I am out of hexagons!! 

And bigger...

Pinned down safe and sound!

Next up joining the blanket big will it end up is any ones guess :)

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