Things I love : Susan Bates cushion grips

I am home from my whirl wind trip around Illinois (and Minnesota) to visit my family and friends.  I had to leave my afghan at home because it is way to big to travel with (especially since on this trip I took a plane.)  I focused on my Welcome Blanket while traveling and got another stack of squares done.  I am over the half way mark on the Welcome Blanket. Making good time to get it all finished for my deadline.

Now that I am home again I have picked back up on working on the last few rows of my afghan. I don't have a deadline keeping me on track on this project, but I am so excited to see it all finished.  And even more driven because this will be my first every finished crochet project. If you haven't seen my blog about my afghan check out my Granny Hexagon blogs that talks all about where I got the pattern from, my process for laying it out, and how I have been joining all the pieces together.    

As I picked this project back up I starting having some trouble.  For some reason the metal hook rolling on my finger has recently been causing my finger to feel numb.  I have put some serious time in on this blanket so I was surprised when my hook all of a sudden started causing me problems.

On a trip to JoAnn Fabric I decided to swing down the knitting and crochet aisle to see if I could pick up a new hook with a softer handle.  Of course this was an impulse while I was at the store for something else...and of course even though I have been using the same hook for months I could not remember what size I was using.  As I looked through the options and wondering if I could guess correctly or should just buy a few I spotted the Susan Bates cushion grips.

This two pack of slide of cushions was exactly what I needed!  There are two sizes of cushions in the pack. The blue one fits on smaller size hooks and the green has a slightly larger hole for bigger hooks.  The foam makes the hook super comfortable and it is just as easy to crochet with it on.  Now there is no more numbness in my finger and I am set to finish this blanket up.  I have four more rows to go!


Check out the progress on the Welcome Blanket!  Eleven squares done. Number twelve is on the needles.  Four more to make after that.

I now have enough made to start playing with how I am going to lay it out. I can't wait to have them all done to play with all the options!

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