Feeling productive!

My sister is always poking fun at the fact that I usually have a ton of different projects all going at the same time.  I have around 10 knitting projects (most of those are just waiting for me to sew things up which I just dread), 4 jewelry projects and also am in the process of making recycled paper from newspapers.  So today I made a detailed list of everything I have on going and what I need to do to finish them.  I am so proud to announce that I sucked it up and got my yarn needle out and finished 6 items today.  I also have a purse all knitted up waiting for felting as soon as I finish the second item for felting.  I feel so productive!!  The other half of my things to do list did not fair as well today..but the real world to do list is not as fun as the crafty one. 
When I finish up my second purse to get it all felted up I will be able to play with the new wool roving I picked up this weekend at the farmers market.  It is a great natural shade of brown that I am really looking forward to working with.  I feel some bead making coming on this week!

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