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Granny Hexagon Blanket Finished!!

After month and months of work my first crochet project is finally completed! As always I have a hard time starting small so of course I jumped in to making a huge blanket that fits my full size bed.  I fell in love with the shape and style of the granny hexagons pattern and was eager to try and use up some of the yarn I have accumulated over the years. I bought the gray yarns specifically for this project but everything else was already in my stash and ready to be used.

 I spent the first few month just making the individual flowers.  I didn't listen to my mom so I did get stuck with weaving in all the ends on all of the flowers before I could move on (ok not quite all because she did take pity on me and help me when she was down visiting).  It then took me a few days to get it  laid out and just the way I wanted it to look.  It was at this time that I realized I had actually made more work for myself by not realizing that the third layer of the flowers could be used to connect…

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