Welcome Blanket Project

Last week I started a new project.  And I know...I know starting a new project when I haven't even finished my afghan yet, but the hexagon blanket is so big now that is isn't exactly travel friendly anymore and I needed something to take with me on my summer trips. For my next blanket I was inspired by the Welcome Blanket Project and decided to pick my needles up again and get back to knitting.  From my afghan I have quite a stock of bright colorful yarns so this seemed like a great way to do something to help someone else and stash bust to use some of what I have already laying around.

The pattern from the Welcome blanket is super easy and each block is a fun easy to complete unit.  This quality makes it similar to what made me enjoy working on my afghan.  I was happy to find another project to give me the much needed instant gratification.  To send a blanket in to the project they are looking for a 40x40 blanket that will be put on display in a museum in Chicago and then later being given to a refugee families.  You can choose your colors of choice, to knit (crochet or quilt) your squares, and the pattern you want to create with your triangles.  So while they are all unified in size and pattern the individual personalities of the creators are able to shine.

So as I was rushing to pack up and plan for a trip to visit my parents I discovered this pattern and dashed around making mini balls of yarn to take with me and grabbed what I thought were the right needles.  After making my first square I measured it and realized my sizing was off.  It could because of two things 1-I had opted to double my yarns rather then use a bulky weight...my reasoning behind starting the pattern was to use up yarn not to go buy more. 2-(And the biggest reason it wasn't right) In my rush I grabbed my size 13 needles and not my 10s oops!  That teaches me not to guess and to take the time to get out my gauge.

The difference between square sizes with the different needle sizes.

I borrowed a set of 10s from my mom, did a test swatch like a good and not lazy knitter and tried again.  The wrong size square is not a total waste because I actually quite like the size and when I am done with the first blanket to donate I am going to make myself a blanket with the slightly bigger size.  The doubled yarn also make the blanket thicker and will make it super warm.  Not something I need right now in the middle of the summer but come winter it will be awesome.

The Welcome Blanket site has the pattern for the blanket and even has nice tutorials if you are a first time knitter or they are using a method you are not familiar with.  I love that it can be done by an individual maker or as a group.  It is something that could easily be finished in a day if you have a whole crew of people making squares together.  Makes me want to start a knitting group and make a second blanket as a group effort.

I have 6 (Almost 7 squares done) and am on target to finishing and getting my blanket in before the Sept 5th deadline.  Pictures of the finished product coming soon!

I am still playing with how I want to lay out the squares when I am all done. 

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