Knitting Project Bag

I have been wanting a fun little bag to keep my knitting and crochet projects in for some time.  Granted I have tons (and I mean TONS) of tote bags but I really wanted something that I could hang on my arm so I can knit on the go.  I like to knit while standing or walking around so a I really wanted a bag that would be conducive to doing so.

After surfing around on Pinterest for some time I found a blog that had a sort of pattern for a bag that fit what I was wanting.  Step one is that because the designer is from the UK I had to translate the measurements to pesky US measurements that worked better in my brain.  I took some brown paper and drew out a quick pattern.

I cut the width on my strap at 4in, the Length from the fold on the strap to the base of the bag at 13in, The sides of the bag come up 6in, and the base of the bag is 9in across.  I then cut my pattern out with the top of the strap lined up with the fold of the fabric.  Cut the pattern out twice, once in your main fabric and once in a contrasting lining fabric.  The outside of my bag I used a fun fabric I had picked up on a whim because it made me smile.  I had no idea what I was planning on doing with it but I knew it would get put to good use at some point.  The lining of my bag comes from fabric I bought for my current quilting project. ( I will eventually get around to sharing that project soon)

When you have your two pieces cut out you are going to pin them pretty sides together and sew along the strap of the bag.  Starting at the curve by the side and sew all the way to the second curve.  When you are done the base and sides of your bag are still loose.

Next is where the tutorial I got the basic plans from got a little light on instructions.  So I did my best to follow along, hoped I wasn't going to have to rip out all my stitches, and in the end my bag design came out slightly different but I actually prefer the final product I arrived at.

Line up the seams so that your lining line up and make a rectangle and your main fabric line up and make a rectangle.  Take care as you pin that the handle of the bag is toward the center so it does not get sewn in to the seam.

When it is all matched up and pinned it will look like one big rectangle that you can sew around at one time.  At the bottom of the lining size of the bag I left a 2 inch gap (it was a little tight to turn so you can make it bigger if you like..I just didn't feel like doing more hand sewing) to turn the project.

When you have gone all the way around the perimeter (minus those 2 inches) you can turn your project so the pretty sides are facing out.  Take a few seconds to line up and arrange the bag.  I took the iron and helped make the edges nice and crisp.

The last step is to use an invisible stitch (AKA blind stitch, or ladder stitch..) or a whip stitch to close that hole used to turn the project.

Once that is done you are finished and ready to cart around your knitting!  I made one for me and then decided to make one for my mom too.  We both have the same main fabric but for mine the lining is orange and my mom's is the purple as seen in these pictures.

Working on my "Welcome Blanket" at Mystic Seaport while listening to my dad's band play. 

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