New Year...New State

So it has been a little while since I was last able to blog about things...I have been very busy crafting still but I had a very sudden move that caused me to be away from my blog for a little bit.  I packed up my little car and my two puppies and drove 12 1/2 hours to move from Southern IL to North Carolina.

Since relocating I have been working on lots of projects!  Largely motivated by my trip to the scrap exchange where I got tons and tons of scrap fabric...and even a partially knitted sweater that someone had abandoned that I grabbed to unravel to make a bunch of stuff for my niece Molly.  I just love the scrap exchange!  It really gets my creative wheel spinning.

My loot from the scrap exchange :)

I realize I am in the middle of so many projects I feel like I should make a list to remind me not to start something new until I finish some of the ones I have going...I say that as I have been day dreaming of a series of paintings I want to do, sitting near the pile of yarn I bought the other day to make presents for someone, and looking a pile of fabric I set aside for a bunch of things I have all sketched up that I want to sew.  Now that my craft stuff is unpacked I am going a little nuts!

Well my supplies are calling me and it is back to crafting I go.

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