Homemade Lip Gloss Lallapalooza

    Yesterday I had special hang out time with my buddy Anna.  She is one of my little friends that think I am just a really tall kid :)  We jump on the trampoline, make our hair stand up on end from static, and make lip gloss to fill sparkly boxes.  I love it!  Anna got a really cool book for Christmas with all sorts of ideas for fun concoctions to make at home.  She picked out the lip gloss recipe so we gave it a go.  We made some adjustments and side note to the recipe as we mastered it.

So here is our finally version of the recipe:

What you need:
-fruit juice powder (kool-aid type packets)
-small air tight containers

1- Mix together 1 tablespoon of shortening with 1 tablespoon (one packet) of powder juice mix in a microwave safe bowl.  You also at this point want to put in a drop of water on the juice mix to activate the color.  (We didn't do this in our first round and we had a yucky gray lip gloss.) Mix until the two are completely combined.

2- Heat the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds on high.  When you take it out it should be liquid.

3- Pour the liquid in to your small container and set it in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes or until it is firm.

The recipe is pretty easy to increase batch size so you can make as little or as big of a batch as you like.

A little warning...because you are making it with a juice mix it will turn your lips the color of the lip gloss.  And also it might be a good idea to put paper down over your work area to prevent staining on your table tops.  I always forget how much that stuff stains!

Step One: Make Lip Gloss and put in fridge

Step Two: Play on trampoline for 30 minutes

Step Three: Lip Gloss!!!


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