Windshield Troubles

Today did not go the way I had envisioned it at all.  I woke up thinking I was going to take Christina to the museum to enjoy some butterflies and other such things. But a HUGE rock had other plans for me.  I was driving and I still don't know where is came from but a baseball(ish) size rock flew up and hit my windshield.  It was so loud and scary but luckily I was alone in the car and while there were glass shards in the car the windshield didn't completely shatter.  I got home and had a brief hang out time with my Miss C, which mostly consisted of me on the phone with the insurance company :(  

We did however find time to put together her Hello Kitty gingerbread house that she got for Christmas. Then her mom came and got her early so I could go get my car fixed.

I was able to get an appointment for today and it was quick and painless.  When I got there the man looked inside and said he did notice glass in the interior and would be vacuuming.  I of course pointed out that it might be hard to find glass in the mass of glitter that is still in my car post Nutcracker. To which he very sweetly denied noticing any.

Silver lining to the day:
The front half of my car is now mostly glitter free. The backseat however...not so much.

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