Upcycles Shrinky Dinks

Back in the 90's I use to rock the Shrinky Dink jewelry hard core.  My mom use to rubber stamp things for me to color in and we would melt them down in to charms for earrings and necklaces and bracelets...well really anything I could stick them on.  So when I started seeing people say you could use take out containers and use them like Shrinky Dinks I was so pumped.

 The other day I went out to lunch (mmmm Dame's Chicken and Waffles on Main St.) and ended up coming home (by some miracle because it is so yummy there) with a small plastic take home box. Score!! So I finally had the means to test out this business.

Unlike the store bought version that is rough on one side of the plastic and you draw on it with color pencil, the take out boxes are really slick so permanent marker works best.  It was a great excuse to wipe out my lunch box filled with Sharpies (I have a ridiculous amount of Sharpies).  I only had a small box so I had to work to make my pictures as big as possible.  When creating your image you have to take in to mind that it will be much smaller when it is all finished. I also punched a hole in the top of mine because I am making them in to charms.


 After you are done drawing cut out your image and put on a cookie sheet and heat for a few minutes at 350 Degrees.  I actually ended up using my toaster oven because I only had a few things to shrink and I didn't want to heat my oven for such a small project.  It really only takes a few minutes so you want to watch and not walk away and forget out them. Besides it is kind of fun to watch them curl up and then flatten back out all transformed.  

Not the best picture through the toaster oven glass, but if your Shrinkies look like this that is a good thing.

And TA DA! It totally works!!  And I feel like my 10 year old self again getting excited all over again with this fun and easy project.  Now to find more places that I can eat at the give out the good boxes ;)


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