Clay nativity set

In 1996 I made my first clay nativity set for a craft fair my mother was working on. I ended up making 3 sets. One that my mom's friend bought from the fair, one for my sister and one to keep for myself. The original nativity set had Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, the wise men, a Shepard and a little sheep. A few years later I added an angel to the mix. It was a fun addition because I started playing with wire to embellish the figures.

That was as far as my nativity ever went but for my sister (who has over 40 nativities in her collection) I have continued to add on. I have made her a donkey, camel, a goat, ducks and some more sheep. This year I made her a Shepherdess to keep the Shepard company and two new angels.
I hardly ever break out the sculpty clay these days but each time I do I so enjoy getting to create fun new pieces.

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