I made my raincoat!!

A year ago I bought fabric and a pattern to make a raincoat (because I didn't own one and thought the ones in the store were lame). I took out the pattern started cutting a realized I was over my head. I love to sew, but not so much with a pattern. The fabric with the plastic coating also intimidated me a little because once you sew it there is no going back. So I packed up all the pieces and put it in a taste bag that got tucked on my closet. Months pasted and I moved transferring the raincoat bag from one closet to the next.
Well this past week my parents were in town visiting and do to the bad weather they had their trip extended by three days and I decided to take the time to ask my mom to oversee the raincoat construction. She was amazed that I managed to keep all the pieces (thread,buttons and all) together for a full year...although she was not as impressed with my pattern folding skills. So we set to work on the pattern.
For an easy pattern it had some not so easy obstacles. 1- no pins! We had to weigh down the pattern for cutting and use binder clips to hold pieces together.
2- Top stitching on the plastic was sooooo frustrating. After several minutes of working on scrape pieces to try and get it to work I made the decision to do a little modifying. Enter in the bias quilt binding! On all the edges where top stitching would have been needed I instead used the bias tape to finish the edge. I love the bold color trim and think it makes a fun addition.
3- button...top stitch and button holes didn't seem like a real fun idea so I decided to switch and put snaps on and have the buttons be decorative.

Then Ta Da!!! One year later my raincoat is complete!! I am so pumped! Bring on the rain!

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