Needle & thread book

I love a good thrift store find and recently my sister hit the jack pot with this Needle and Thread Book.  It is a blast from the past to when most youth were taught how to hand sew both for functional and decorative purposes.    I love that this book has step by step guides to all the basic stitches, and includes a space for someone to practice right in the book.

It starts with the more functional stitches like running stitch and back stitch then ends with the fancy French Knots. So if you needed to do a quick repair or want to fancy up your dishtowels you are set.

While someone long ago removed the needle and thread that the original book came with it is in excellent condition.  I might just find some of this helpful when teaching my students hand sewing.

For each stitch there is a two page spread that on one side has the instructions and then on the facing page a cute illustration with holes in the cardboard to practice.  
Cross Stitch practice 

I love the bottom description of when to use this stitch.
It makes me want to pick up doing hand embroidery...
you know in all my spare time. :)
Thanks Kimbie so the great present!!

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