Summer is here!

Sun sugar tomatoes are my favorite!
Yesterday was the last school day of the year and today I will go watch graduation and wish the senior class of 2017 good luck on the next step of their adventures.  This morning I am enjoying a lazy day on my back porch oasis, and am so happy that the little green tomatoes I spotted the other day are now ripe and ready to enjoy.  Harper and Huxley love the sunshine and watching over all the plants. I have roses and zinnias in bloom...even though the beetles are trying to claim the flower boxes. I need to refill the bird feeder before the birds get mad at me, and this weekend I am hoping to make time to make my worm box to put on the back deck.  I am having a hard time with not having a composter in my new space and have gotten some good advice on making a worm box composter since I don't have any yard space right now. Mostly I am just excited for the summer and the opportunity to do more projects and enjoy some relaxation time...and hopefully some traveling too.

Summer 2017 Bucket List:

- Go see Wonder Woman (I have been a huge WW fan for my whole life and am so excited that she is finally getting her own movie!)
-Read as much as I can. ( I am currently reading Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, and I have Rick Riordan's Norse Mythology series on deck)
- Finish my afghan...I have 3 rows done and a lot left to go but I am hoping this summer I will get it finished.
-Go to the beach. (A week would be great but as long as I get a chance to hang out in the sand with the ocean in the back ground at some point I will be happy)
-See my AXO friends!!!
-Visit somewhere new and go on an adventure.
-Hike more.
-Make my worm box.
I guess this is now the sacrificial plant...
-Have a big yard sale and downsize a little
-Ride my bike
-Go to the drive in movies
-Go Kayaking
-Help out at Paperhand
-Lay in my hammock
-Finish the top of my quilt (I have been so focused on my afghan that I haven't even shared my quilt yet...but I will soon)
-Go home and eat some lobster rolls and spend time with my family.
-Go to concerts and shows
-Make time for yoga
-Make time for dance/aerial classes
-Cook more
-Wake up without an alarm clock.
-Spend time with friends.
-Make the prop loft beautiful.
-Have the costume shop be amazing again.
-Make myself some new to wear.
-Perhaps sign up for a 5k in the fall....

Harper basking in the sunlight

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