Attempts at being a good knitting samaritian

So yesterday I went into JoAnn's Fabric to try and buy more of the gray wool that I have been using to knit a purse (and of course ran out of).  While standing in the aisle trying to see if by some miracle they were not actually sold out of what I needed this women leans over and asks "excuse me but have you ever used circular needles before. (Have I ever!  Knitting in the round brings me more joy that it of course I was excited to share this wonder with someone new.)  She asks a few questions about what needles are best and about using place markers.  I happily told her all about it and then she says "I want to make a a baby blanket...but for my husband".  So then I explain using circular needles in place of straight needles but apparently that was when I lost her.  She seemed to think that knitting in the round was going to produce a flat product and no amount of explaining seemed to help her understand what would actually happen.  She then seemed to give up...wished to me "that all my dreams my come true."  She them made some comment putting herself down for not understanding...and being as I try to always be a positive thinker I told her "don't worry the more you knit the easier it will all'll get the hang of it."  To which she responded "Honey, I have been knitting longer than you have been alive."  Oh well so much for trying to be a good knitting samaritain.  I left with out my gray yarn with her still looking at all the needles in confusion.  I must say I would be very interested to seeing how her blanket turns out.

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