Milk Jug Skeletons

Last year I made myself my first skeleton made out of milk jug and I love it so much.  This year I made it a friend.  As always I looked around at a bunch of designs and picked pieces around from each.

 Some of the thing I really like about this design..

-Using the handles for the shoulders.  I like how it makes the arms hang nicely at the side.
- Using the bottom of a jug to make the pelvis and taking out a half circle to the hip joint.
-Using circles between the bones to act as the joints

It takes about six jugs to make.  One for the head, one for the chest, and the rest to make the pelvis and other bones.  I connected everything together with zip ties.  The color blends in and when it is outside they won't get gross if they get wet.  

I put them out last night and this morning I got a text from my neighbor saying that she liked them.  That just made my whole day.  I love when other people get enjoyment out of my craftiness.

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